About us

Bisou Makeup: A French Vision 

Bisou Makeup is a France-based shop in which each employee has a true passion for makeup. All of them have a different story regarding makeup, on how they have changed their lives. 

One thing is for sure : you are all naturally beautiful ! We want to help women to overcome insecurities in order for them to flourish the way they have always wanted to and then develop the highest degree of self-confidence they could reach. Confidence is power.

At Bisou Makeup, we believe that passion together with hardwork can bring high quality results, whatever the output you want. 


We make our hair design in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, where fashion meets Parisian aristocracy.

Business Abroad, Business outside France

After a critical success in Paris, we have decided to expand abroad in order to reach all beautiful human beings from all over the world. To be strategically positionned, we are producing products in our factories in Asia, and in the United States of America.